Skills For Care on behalf of the Department for Health and Social Care have developed a national recruitment campaign named Every day Is Different to help drive applications into the adult social care sector,  this national  recruitment campaign will start in early October and is expected to end in the April of 2020


Proud to Care North London is proud to support this National Campaign, by providing information, training and links to those who are working within the Adult Social Care Industry.


Marketing Campaign Tools 

Skills for care and the department of health and social care have provided many materials to help your business, grow and to help develop the care staff .


Marketing Toolkit - The toolkit is designed to help give you as much help in marketing  your care organisation , and getting the most out of the Every Day Is Different Campaign


Resource Centre  - Provided on this link, is the banners,email signatures and posters , that your organisation can use for free  to help Promote the Every Day Is Different Campaign


Job Roles -  This link can help provide details on the specific job roles tha there are in the Adult Social Care Sector 


What would you do? - A quiz  for those that are considering getting into Social care 


Facebook PageEvery Day Is Different 


Website - Every day is Different